360data Online Data Protection Self-Review Tool

360data is a unique self-review tool designed to help organisations test and improve their data protection policies and practices. Built on the same approach as the award-winning 360 Degree Safe, this tool will help your organisation understand what systems are currently in place and how to improve these.

During your review, you will be able to generate reports with a list of improvement actions to help you move forward with your organisation's data security. All the resources required to enact those recommendations is included in the tool.

How does it work?

After completing the free quick quiz, and purchasing a subscription to our service, the main self-review tool contains 16 aspects, grouped into 4 elements: Policy, Infastructure, Education, Standards. Users are invited to rate their organisation on a 5 to 1 scale in each of the 16 aspects. 5 on the scale means there are gaps in provision, 1 is aspirational practice.

Users will be presented with possible improvement actions, supporting documents and links and areas to record evidence, actions and comments.

You might find this overview of the tool helpful.

Why should I consider this tool?

For many years, data protection obligations have been placed on all organisations that process (this means collect, store and use) data. For example employee records, bank details, or customer addresses etc.

The Information Commissioner's Office is the body responsible for overseeing the correct use of data by organisations. Many smaller organisations struggle to stay on top of data protection and this tool is designed to support the organisation in assessing and improving how data is processed. The most significant change to EU and UK Data Protection Laws takes place on the 24th May 2018 when the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force. 360data can help you maintain compliance to this regulation and the UK Data Protection law.

"Working through the tool is straightforward; tell it where you think your organisation is and it will instantly suggest a strategy to get you to the next level. The tool covers every aspect of data protection, it's reassuring to know there's nothing we've overlooked"

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