360data Accreditation **Under Development**

As 360data is built on a maturity scale, we have set level 3 as 'compliance'. Meaning that an organisation that is operating at level 3 or above should be operating at a level that is at, or above, the levels required to demonstrate compliance with data protection laws in the UK.

Information Commissioner's OfficeThe ICO seal 

In 2015 there were plans at the ICO  for an ICO seal. Please see the ICO Blog for more details. We understand that the ICO is no longer focussing on developing an ICO seal. However, we remain in contact with the ICO and should this position change we look forward to announcing this.

360 Mark360 Data Mark

There is the possibilty of a 360 Data Mark, this will add a layer of accreditation, at an as yet undecided level. This additional mark may enable organisations to signal that systems and processes in the organisation are above or at the level of compliance. Further details will be announced in due course.