360data Accreditation **Coming Soon**

As you progress through the tool, there are two achievements to indicate your level of progress or compliance. Below is a description of how they can be achieved.

Information Commissioner's OfficeThe ICO seal 

Currently under development at the ICO are plans for an ICO seal. Please see the ICO Blog for more details. It is hoped that when this seal is created by the ICO that 360Data will be accredited. The ICO seal we understand, will enable organisations to signal compliance with data protection law. Further details will be announced in due course.

360 Mark360 Data Mark

There is also the intention of creating a 360 Data Mark, this will add an additional layer of accreditation, possibly at level 1 or 2, beyond the ICO seal. This additional mark may enable organisations to signal that systems and processes in the organisation are above that level required by the ICO seal. Further details will be announced in due course.